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SEOTriquetra  operates not, as an “agency.” But instead, as a group of freelancers. Server administrators, web designers, developers and digital marketing consultants.

We’re spear-headed by Daniel Triquetra, a full-stack web developer w/ ten years experience in web design, local, organic and technical search engine optimization and internet advertising strategies. Now, while Daniel’s involvement in SEOTriquetra awards us an excellent foundation, we also recognize that digital marketing is an ever-evolving landscape to navigate. As such, our team remains ever-vigilant in our endeavors to remain an “authority” in all aspects in the digital arena. Doing so, thru pursuing continued training and educational opportunities. Anything less and we’d be, just another marketing agency!

Daniel Triquetra has established SEOTriquetra on one simple, core concept. That a website is not considered as complete, unless it’s pre-saturated with SEO and prepared on day one, to begin outranking it’s competition. Otherwise, all you have is a “pretty” website that no one will ever see! SEOTriquetra does not deal in, “pretty websites!” We support the local small business community with a total package option! Fast & secure hosting, Ready-to-rank, pre-optimized websites and digital marketing strategies. Designed to boost rankings, increase exposure, attract and convert more leads. All, at exceptional rates!

  • First, we begin with managed hosting for your website on our exclusive, Morrigan Servers. SEOTriquetra’s signature servers can provide substantial resources and stability w/ increased security protection. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing you have a team of experienced server administrators and cyber-security experts, actively maintaining the health of your hosting environment. Each server, has only ten slots available to host our client sites. SEOTriquetra’s managed hosting solution includes an SSL Certificate and CDN with always live technology. Plus, active Malware scanning and routine site backups. Reserve your spot at $28 per month. Or, save an additional $36 each year with an annual payment option. Learn more, about the technical specs, advanced features and total value of SEOTriquetra’s dedicated hosting solutions.
  • Once we’ve established a stable and secure, performance-ready environment to build upon, SEOTriquetra’s lead developer, Daniel Triquetra can coordinate with our passionate team of graphic designers, creative writers, content editors and SEO experts. Working hand-in-hand to create a ready-to-rank website that comes pre-optimized to conquer search results! Because, unlike most digital marketing agencies in Tampa, we saturate each website with unique “niche” content, enhanced performance and indepth, search engine optimization. Understand this! $1265 does not get you just a “pretty website!” Instead, SEOTriquetra provides a 100% fast, functional, pre-optimized and visual-appealing website. Done the right way! Each client will receive proof of legal records and validated expenses along with, ownership of all content upon completion. $421 (One-third) Deposit is required to begin. Learn more about hiring our web designers.
  • Now that your presence on the web has been established, the digital marketing consultants here at SEOTriquetra, can provide a month to month SEO subscription at $269.00. In addition to the in-depth, on-page SEO your website came with, we re-focus our work on, geo-tagging, content distribution and (Grey-Hat) link-outreach scenarios to increase your ranking and exposure in search results. Beginning with crucial elements. Such as, creating an optimized (GMB) Google-My-Business, Social media accounts, Google’s Search console, validating your business on Google Maps as well as, keyword research and competitors analysis. Each month, our team provides a diverse assortment of new citations or profiles via directories and web 2.0 properties, authority link development, blogs and article submissions and social media promotions. Followed by validation and active monitoring for junk links and black hat competitor’s actions. In turn, creating multiple streams of targeted leads drawn to your local small business. The local SEO strategies of SEOTriquetra, have a track-record of success without draining your bank accounts! Learn more about SEOTriquetra’s SEO Services

Hosting, Web Design & Digital Marketing by SEOtriquetra

Marketing Solutions

TRINITY - Dedicated Hosting

Exclusive Morrigan Servers
  • Intel i7 Quad Core + 32 Gbs Dedicated RAM

  • Shared with, only 10 Clients of SEOTriquetra

  • Enhanced Security w/ a Juggernaut Firewall

  • Content Delivery Network + DDoS Mitigation

  • Active Monitoring & Scheduled Site Back-ups

TRIQUETRA - Web Designs

Full Stack Design & Development
  • Pre-Optimized Core Designs. Concept w/ SEO

  • Full-Scale, Image Editing, WebP Optimization

  • Creative Writing, Content Development, Blog

  • Develop 1 x Promotional Video (45 Seconds)

  • Mobile – Optimized, w/ Interactive Features


Strategic Marketing Solutions
  • Schedule of Fresh Articles w/ Internal Links

  • Manual, Directory & Web 2.0 Development

  • Authority Links and Citations + Moderation

  • Search Console, Sitemap and Management

  • Moderate Reviews and Manage Reputation

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