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Daniel Triquetra

Our founder, Daniel Triquetra is well-versed when it comes to the realm of technology, web design, digital marketing and search engine optimization. In fact, over 2 decades have been spent, fine-tuning his abilities through combining continued education and hands-on experiences. Unlike the average, “cookie-cutter” marketing consultants, He is not afraid to think outside the box! Sure, SEOTriquetra.com does’nt resemble our competitor’s sites. Sterile! Boring! Redundant! You’ve seen them. The ones that all look the same, and all proclaim to be #1 or the BEST! Despite being ranked on like… Page #5 of Google! One might say… “In comparison, we are complete opposites.” Because we are worlds apart!

A team united!

As the realm of digital marketing continues to evolve, so too does the knowledge and creativity at the core of SEOTriquetra! Our willingness to remain innovative is what sets us apart from our competitors. As a team, with Daniel to guide us, we look to the future with open eyes. Bright with creative vision!

J.E. – Designer @ SEOTriquetra

The Triquetra or, Trinity Knot is an ancient Celtic symbol of Eternal Love. Dating back to the 7th Century. The Trinity Knot is also known to symbolize and honor the Triple Goddess! Tho more commonly, known to represent Father, Son and the Holy Spirit!

In the beginning,

It was way back in 1997, when Daniel launched a career in technology by quickly advancing from CSR to Supervisor, to QC, then Lead in MIS – Management Information Systems for large call centers. Doing so, while completing several industry certifications and teaching himself the ins and outs of multiple OS – Operating systems. {Linux being his favorite} As well as, server administration, CLEC Operations, and telecom systems management all simultaneously. Clearly, he was being groomed for a place at the table of telecommunications.

Eventually breaking away from the telecommunications industry, Daniel Triquetra dove head first into software and applications. Mastering the admin side of Citrix for healthcare, he marketed himself as an applications specialist for a while. BeforeEven though more and more he began missing the world as opposed to spending his days tucked away in server rooms deep within hospitals and medical facilities. Because ya see, Daniel Triquetra unlike his counterparts in technology, is a people person!

In fact, one of Daniel’s most unique traits, setting him far apart from his counterparts in today’s technology field, is his strength in communication. The ability to forgo all the “Geek-Speak” and communicate with both customers and industry counterparts is often referred to as, RARE! Often unheard of, to know a “Computer Geek” with any real character. Let alone, a sense of humor! Boy oh Boy, does Daniel have plenty of both!

That being said and not long thereafter. Daniel found himself bored with the confines of such technical jobs and the solitude of them. Thus making his way into the field. Where he could further improve on the hardware-side and end-point-user support element of technology. Doing everything from running phone and data, wiring surround sound systems and designing theater rooms, setting up POS – Point of Sale systems for restaurants and retail, computer repair, installing video surveillance systems… you name it, he did it! The fact that each day presented unique battles kept things exciting.

It was at this point in time where Daniel began to round out his schedule with volunteer work and activism. Helping build several homes for Habitat for Humanity, hosting a PC Training Course twice per week at the nearby library and volunteering his technical aptitude to several niche organizations. While such extra-curriculars gave him a sense of purpose, eventually they gave way to his passion for technology.

His increasing thirst for knowledge and expertise along with the wishes of his superiors, eventually led to the pursuit of laser-targeted training in advanced networking, cyber deception and advanced penetration testing where he worked for some of the most prestigious names in Net-SEC. During such time, he also continued to self-educate in multiple ventures such as, transitioning from coding in HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript into a dependency of platforms such as, WordPress and Joomla. Along with SEO – search engine optimization.

Daniel’s career spans multiple technology-related titles within various industries. 5-Star Hotels, Corporate Retail IT, Internet Service Providers, Telecommunications Giants, Net-SEC Companies and Technology Research Facilities just to name a few. His ventures have also led him to pursue interests such as active membership and higher education thru FEMA – Federal Emergency Management. Where he currently holds multiple certificates from IS and specialized training. For the longest time, many often envisioned him eventually landing someplace in Silicon Valley!

Then, Tragedy strikes!

Just as his 20’s came to an end, Daniel suffered great loss. That which nearly ended his journey instead, sparked a new path. Steering him away from the success and stability an expertise of technology had afforded him for so many years. Striking out on his own, he quickly earned an excellent reputation as a freelance technical consultant. Daniel held contracts with anyone from local small business owners to Corporate Billionaires. Though he treated each with the same unyielding commitment!

Eventually, due to growing health concerns, Daniel was forced to take a step back from technical projects in the field. So he supplemented by quickly revising his knowledge and skill. Then securing marketing deals with his existing customers. He quickly reached a steady workflow between his tech support duties and marketing commitments. Yet still held control of his own scheduling. Coming to rely heavily on strategic partnerships he’d nurtured over years.

This allowed him the freedom necessary to further pursue involvement with several organizations he was passionate about. Such as, advocating for Shared Hope International, volunteering with OneBlood and working with children at Johns Hopkins All Childrens and those on the spectrum through the Florida Autism Center.

After taking some time to travel and re-assess, Daniel has returned and launched SEOTriquetra. Built on the trinity of performance based marketing initiatives his past success revolved around. Beginning with powerful and secure hosting to creative web design concepts and new-age digital marketing solutions.The power of Three!

Via SEOTriquetra, Daniel is currently offering remote tech support limited to; PC Optimization, advanced networking, video surveillance systems support and video forensic video analysis. Along with malware recovery and threat assessments on a case by case basis. Please contact us directly to discuss your interests or needs related to any of the aformentioned services. SEOTriquetra uses discretion and take privacy very serious. Therefor, we will never discuss the details with any third-party entity outside of subpoenas being served. Unless imade clear and apparent, that a crime has been committed!

For several years, Daniel has also nurtured a professional relationship with multiple local law enforcement agencies as well as, the NICB and other agencies as a consultant. Providing technical assistance and remote systems support when ever and where ever called upon.

Through out his life, Daniel has had many great accomplishments! As well as, having his fair share of heartache and pain. Now, he looks to the future with eyes wide open, guiding SEOTriquetra into the next generation.Thou the thought of relocating to be closer to those he loves weighs heavily on him. For now, Daniel is here as your Tampa SEO Consultant.