Tech Support: $38.50 per hour

Triquetra CCTV Consultants features advanced tech support for all brands and models of security camera systems. Network configuration or troubleshooting, System customization, hardware walk-throughs, installation, upgrades or troubleshooting of software and mobile apps. *New router? Contact a technician to re-configure your remote viewing capabilities. Our support technicians work fast! Yet our efforts may be delayed due to unforeseen network or PC security issues. No-cost Stability testing will be done first.

Training Sessions $48.50

Interested in learning the “ins and outs” of your security camera system? Triquetra CCTV Consultants features interactive walk-throughs and in-depth, Q & A sessions to train clients on basic networking, system security, system navigation, advanced settings, software and web interfaces, mobile applications, play-back and back-up procedures. Written tutorials are included. *Comprehensive training sessions are available in 1 to 3 hour blocks.

Video Analysis:

Had an incident occur? Our forensic video analysts perform the following scenario: Backup of date & time package [as described] professional audio video analysis, reduce file to incident in question w/ a 3 to 5 minute buffer at each end. [before & after] save and deliver as evidence in hi-resolution AVI or MP4 and images. Provide a detailed incident report. Service rates vary depending on scope of project. Please contact us to discuss details.

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