Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Private Servers

Benefits of dedicated hosting Vs shared hosting for your website
If you are in the process of building your brand’s website, one of the crucial choices you have to make is which hosting plan to use. Most of the beginners always tend to go for the cheapest option as they don’t want to invest a lot at the start. However, such a choice may turn out to be more expensive because shared hosting services will always come at the expense of page performance and performance optimization.

One of the factors that affect the number of visitors you get on your website is how fast it loads and the overall user experience of the site. The difference in website performance largely depends on whether you choose shared web hosting or dedicated web hosting. In today’s article, I am going to share with you the difference between the two. I also take you through the benefits of each hosting plan over the other.

Difference between dedicated hosting and shared hosting
Dedicated hosting is where one server hosts only one website. For those who may not know, a server is a computer where a website is installed or hosted for it to be accessed on the internet. This means the performance of your website largely depends on the hardware and software features of the server where it is hosted.

On the other hand, shared hosting is where more than one website is hosted on one server computer. When several sites are hosted on one server, they share the hardware resources of this server. This means the performance of your website will not only depend on the hardware resources of that server but also how the level of activity of the websites that you share the server with.
Benefits of dedicated hosting over shared hosting.

• Better performance: Just like we have seen above, when a website is hosted on a dedicated server, all the hardware and software resources will be used by only that one website. This makes the performance of the website hosted on a dedicated server way better that one that shares a server with a couple of other websites.

• Dedicated hosting is more secure: The fact that the server has only one website means you have a significant level of control regarding the security of your website. This is however different from shared hosting because if one of the sites gets a malware attack, it will most likely affect all the websites hosted on that server. Such scenarios could be avoided if one chooses dedicated hosting.

• Ability to customize the server: When you choose dedicated hosting, you will have the liberty to customize the server to suit your website needs. For instance, you may choose between using windows OS and Linux OS, the hard drive size, RAM, bandwidth, etc. However, upgrading the hardware specifications of your dedicated server will involve paying an extra cost beyond that of the standard configuration.

• It can improve your website’s rank in search engine results: Performance and user experience of a website have a very big impact on a website’s SEO. Sites that use dedicated hosting will often be ranked higher in search engine results because of their performance.
Benefits of shared hosting over dedicated hosting

• Shared hosting is way cheaper than dedicated hosting. Shared hosting packages range from $3 to $12 per month depending on which hosting company you choose. On the other hand, dedicated hosting may cost about $150 to $250. This makes shared hosting ideal for new businesses that are not ready or capable of investing a lot of resources in website hosting from the start.

• Shared hosting requires less technical skills. Whereas dedicated hosting gives you a chance to customize the hardware and software of your server, it will need you to have some level of IT technical skills to do such tasks or probably hire experts to help you out. On the other hand, shared hosting doesn’t need any major configuration since all the software and hardware resources that your website will use are predetermined by the hosting company.

Should you choose shared hosting or dedicated hosting?
The choice between the two should largely depend on your priorities and your budget for hosting. If you simply want to host a simple website that doesn’t have a lot of security risks, you may then opt for shared hosting since its much cheaper. However, if performance and security are priorities for your website, you must choose dedicated hosting.

If you don’t have a big budget for hosting at the start, you may opt to start with shared hosting and then later upgrade to dedicated hosting when your website starts to get more traffic. Shared hosting may also be a good option when your site is still in the development stages to avoid incurring high costs on dedicated hosting since you may not need lots of hardware resources at the state when traffic is low.

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