SEOTriquetra features web design based on the WordPress architechure. If unfamiliar, WordPress has been around for ages and offers endless opportunity. The design platform itself, doesn’t cost anything. unlike alternatives such as Shopify, Squarespace or Wix. For beginners venturing in to the online arena.. here is how things work. Required for having an online presence: Essentually.. you never “own” a domain name. More accurately, you start by “leasing” a URL or web address. Next, you need to secure web hosting. That is the server where you house all the files and elements that together form your website. Once one is designed that is. So, choosing a platform that requires an ongoing cost such as Squarespace just doesnt make sense.

  • Themes, Free or Premium: Efforts to keep your cost down entail use of a theme. Don’t be fooled, each and every web designer uses themes these days! Our team selects an appropriate theme best suited for your particular project to recommend. Once we’ve received your approval, the design can begin.


  • Plug-ins and 3rd-Party Scripts: Plugins act as extensions to the functionality of your website. Have you ever heard the term “there’s an app for that!” well, same thing! SEOTriquetra has a suite of plug-ins we incorporate into our client’s sites. Some are free, some require paid licensing.