Web Design courtesy of, SEOTriquetra

SEOtriquetra features an experienced team of graphic designers, web designers, creative writers, editors and seo experts. Plus, project management by our full-stack web developer, Daniel Triquetra. As a team, we provide neither a low-quality, “pretty website” such as wix. (Endorsed by un-skilled amateurs) Nor, do we deal in over-priced, “agency” web designs. Our web designers provide a $1695.00 package rate that can be broken down like this… $1695.00 minus $295 which covers an initial round of SEO, integrated into the web design and development. We reserve, a $200 budget cover creatives. Such as, graphics and promotional video, along with $200 that goes towards “minor” expenses. Such as, copyright and licensing. Because ya know… we don’t want our clients getting sued over copyright violation! We’re just funny like that!, SEOtriquetra respects intellectual property! That leaves SEOtriquetra with $1000 minus transactional expenses.

Web Design Deposits

SEOtriquetra requires an initial deposit of $695 for web design and development to begin. Thereafter, two additional payments of $500 each remain. Once the balance is paid, all rights in full, are then transferred over to our client. Doing business with SEOtriquetra, means you truly own your website!
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