For those who consider SEOTriquetra’s advertised price of $1200 for a website to be expensive, we’ve provided this simple clarification. Does the $1200 expense include web design? YES! Is that all it includes? ABSOLUTELY NOT! To be clear, SEOTriquetra does NOT offer stand alone, “web design” as a service option. The going rate for professional web design as of 2021, is between $1000 and $10,000.

First, its important that you understand…

Even the most beautiful website is “absolutely worthless” when it launches without being properly optimized to out-rank it’s competitive sites in search results. i.e. Google, Yahoo & Bing. SEOTriquetra does’nt believe in delivering a client’s website that is’nt, ready to rank! So its important to understand that your not paying $1200 on web design alone. Instead, you are receiving a comprehensive, professional package of web design and full-stack web development. Plus.. pre-emptive, on-page search engine optimization. At a fraction, of our competitor’s rates. Why? Because, we enjoy what we do! Our overhead is low and our passion is high! SEOTriquetra chooses not to drain bank accounts. Because we don’t need to!!!

The simple breakdown of costs and profit: Think of a website like a house! Lots of materials are needed to build it! The contractors putting it all together, rarely receives 100% profit from everything included. The same applies to web developers. Expenses are a mixture of materials and labor. Anyone thinking, “well, cant I just use cheaper materials?” Yeah, Sure! Just remind us never to be at your house, in a storm! “Could’nt I hire a cheaper contractor?” Of course you can! Ever heard the term, you get what you paid for!

You’ll NEVER be sued for Copyright Infringement on your house but it can certainly happen with your website! Trusting the wrong person to design & develop your company’s online properties leaves you at risk! Choosing SEOTriquetra ensures your new website is created by a 10-year veteran who understands the intricacies and adheres to the (best practices) of web design and development.

Lets begin by defining “Intellectual Property” as any product, item or material that is the direct result of personal creativity and design. Such as, a written manuscript, professional photos, logos, theme designs, to which one has rights and for which one may apply for a patent, copyright, trademark or charge commercial rights of use.

Licenses (Rights of Use) Each website requires a foundation, otherwise refered to as the core elements that when combined, ensure full function and form of the end result.

Your website would require several premium licenses to be purchased. This includes wordpress themes, premium plugins and scripts. Without these, your website’s crucial functions such as, contact and lead generation forms wont operate correctly. Payment portals would fail! You’d lack the full benefits & potential provided by a pre-optimized “ready-to-rank” website! You’d have nothing more than a, “pretty” broken website! Bare in mind, these expenses don’t go to SEOTriquetra! You pay us to put it all together, and configure everything!

Visual appeal: Photos and graphics. Will you be providing all of the high quality images and promotional graphics needed to add visual appeal to your new website? No! Maybe you should take a moment to review pricing on stock images and commercial rights of usage from Shutterstock or Getty Images.

SEOTriquetra includes the purchase along with, (commercial rights of use) for multiple, high-resolution images that will be used to add visual appeal to your website and marketing campaigns. Is that all… not quite! Once we have the collection of images chosen for use on your project. Our graphic designers still have to run them through Photoshop to reduce and re-size them, remove meta-data (fluff) then re-format each one in order to prevent a decrease in page performance. SEOTriquetra, only profits partially from this for the actual graphic design/editing/optimization.

Written Content: Creative writing is a crucial factor in how well your website performs in search results.

For those who believe the use of something like Wix as a platform to “design” their website is an affordable answer… Give us 72 Hours and we will out-rank your website in all three major search engines for multiple keywords! Yes, it’s good for the budget! But NO! DIY Platforms such as this, are worthless when it comes to value other than, just looking “pretty!”